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Explosion Proof Starting System for Flow Station

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The Olero Creek flow station in Warri, Nigeria which consists of four barge-mounted processing modules, the facility separates oil and gas from the well and pumps it off-site. The importance of a reliable pumping system is obvious; all operations in this unique facility rely on pump engines. The operator of this station needed a reliable system of pump engine starters that would provide reliable, intrinsically safe operation. We supplied them with a system of 24 VDC, explosion proof starters that gave them the all of the features they needed. For more information on this project, or about all of our capabilities, contact us directly.

Explosion Proof Starting System for Flow Station - Project Details

Product Description
24VDC Explosion Proof Starting System on Pump Engines
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Assembly
Secondary: Any Installation Services Provided?
Material Used
Explosion Proof Steel Casting
Industry for Use
Oil and Natural Gas Flow Station Pump Engines
Delivery Location
Warri, Nigeria
Standards Met
Per Customer Specifications
Product Name
24VDC Explosion Proof Starter System
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