Explosion Proof Starting System for Natural Gas Compression Rig

Explosion Proof Starting System for Natural Gas Compression Rig

A Malaysian customer operating a natural gas compression platform in the South China Sea required a robust starting system for their black start emergency generator system. When considering systems and components operating on off-shore rigs, safety is of the highest priority. Utilizing intrinsically safe electrical equipment is a must whenever available. We were able to fill their need with a 24 VDC explosion proof starting system. The system features brushless design, with various SAE mounting configurations, and are made from steel and aluminum. Systems can be designed for engine displacements from 216 to 16,000 CID, with various levels of horsepower and torque. For more information on this project, or to learn about all of intrinsically safe, and explosion proof products, contact us directly.

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Product Description

24VDC Explosion Proof Starting System on Black Start Emergency Generator on a Natural Gas Compression Platform.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Assembly

Material Used

Explosion Proof Steel Casting

Additional Facts

Brushless Design

Industry for Use

Natural Gas

Delivery Location

Sarawak, Malaysia

Standards Met

Per Customer Specifications

Product Name

24VDC Explosion Proof Starting System