Explosion Proof Water Pump Starting System for Natural Gas Facility

Explosion Proof Water Pump Starting System for Natural Gas Facility

Equipment operating in the natural gas industry is often required to have features allowing safe operation in environments were flammable gas may be present. This Wyoming customer needed just that for water pumping engine application in their natural gas processing facility. At United States Energy Corporation, we specialize in custom made systems that offer explosion proof characteristics coupled with robust designs and customizable features. The starting system that we designed and built was a 3 phase, 480 VAC, 60Hz, 25 horse power, explosion proof system that met all of their requirements for operation and safety. To learn more about all of our capabilities contact us directly.

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Product Description

480VAC Explosion Proof Starting Motor on Natural Gas Water Pump Engines

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Assembly
Secondary: Any Installation Services Provided?

Material Used

Explosion Proof Steel Casting

Additional Facts

Voltage: 480 VAC
Phases: 3
Frequency: 60Hz
Horsepower: 25HP

Industry for Use

Natural Gas

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Per Customer Specifications

Product Name

480VAC Explosion Proof Starter Motor