Explosion Proof Starting System for Off-Shore Platforms

Explosion Proof Starting System for Off-Shore Platforms

Oil and gas platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico have little protection from hurricanes during the fall and summer months. Rig operators must evacuate personnel ahead of storms; however vital equipment must remain operable. In these remote environments, emergency generators are the only backup power available; these systems must be safe as well as robust to be reliable in such inhospitable conditions. That’s why the operators of this offshore platform decided to upgrade their emergency generators to a United States Energy Corporation 24 VDC explosion proof starting system. Our products offer intrinsically safe operation, and extreme durability. We can provide starters for practically any size application and configuration. For more information on how we can custom tailor a starting system to meet your needs, contact us directly.

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Product Description

24VDC Explosion Proof Starting Systems for Hurricane and Emergency Generators on an Offshore Platform

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Assembly
Secondary: Installation

Material Used

Explosion Proof Steel Casting

Industry for Use

Oil and Natural Gas

Delivery Location

Gulf of Mexico

Standards Met

Per Customer Specifications

Product Name

24VDC Explosion Proof Starting System